Emily's Legacy

Starting January 1, 2014 the Lodge will be available to use for periods of two to four weeks or more if needed by members of the cousins, brothers, sisters, neices and nephews in our McCabe, McCabe-Anderson, Strang, Strang-Trapp, Lewis. It is not our intent to sell the property but to find the one family group who eventually might wish to take over managing the property although eveyone who is using it during any period of time for their own family will cover the costs of operation.

The property is available to Brett Lewis & Christa Saeager, Linda McCabe _Anderson and her family, Dwight McCabe and his family, Lisa Strang Trapp and her family, Jeff Strang and his family, Mike McCabe, Richard McCabe and his family, Patricia McCabe, Curt McCabe and his family, Myron McCabe and his family as well as any future family of Donna L. Lewis.
Donna L. Lewis is primary owner of the property until someone in the family steps up and agrees to accept management and/or full ownership under a quit claim deem for a compensation what shall be agreed between them and Donna Lewis.

The property sits on a hill overlooking beautiful Cotton Lake and Shelby Island in the distance. It is year round accessible and setup to be heated/ air conditioned as needed all year round using affordable energy. It has a main floor with one master bedroom, walk-closet, private bath, a second bath for quests, and a rough room with washer/dryer. The fron of the main floor features an open format living room, dining room, kitchen with island and new appliances and a small studio reading room off the back for private naps or meditation. Off the front of the house is a 28 x 12 deck of redwood that is covered from the elements by a roof extension.

The basement of the home has a family room, extra bath with new shower and lots of towel storage, a large utility room and potential workshop for storage along with a separate utility room/furnace room. The basement also includes two bedrooms one with a large walk in closet. The living area of the basement is totally finished in KnottyPine naturally finished.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pictures of the Lewis Lakeshore Lodge and Cotton Lake home in Northern Minnesota.  This is our family home originally started by Emily-Doris Mildred Lewis and Robert J. Lewis when they purchased the land in 1960's.  Later the property was deeded to Craig J Lewis and Donna L. Lewis in late 1990's and they built the existing home on it in 2000.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PhotoNaturalist Day! "Colors of Nature

Took out three hours and did some photonaturalist exploring up at Tamarac NWR looking at the color changes.   If you havent gone yet I suggest you do, the colors might be short lived this year its so dry.

...more pictures to come later...:)